As there are quite a lot of Social media platforms, it becomes quite necessary for people to be on all of those.  And likewise, it also becomes quite hard to maintain all these social media accounts. So what can one do? Well, the solution is social media management apps.

There are quite a lot of social media management apps and people get quite confused about what to pick and what not to! Well, you don’t have to get confused anymore as we have picked some of the best social media management apps for you.

Best Social Media Management Apps:

Well, the list of the best social media management apps has been provided below and hopefully, these would be of help to you.


Hootsuite is said to be one of the best social media management apps and managing all your social media pages from this is quite easy. With this app, you can quite easily manage multiple accounts at once, schedule messages and you can also manage many other social activities as well. This social media management app is also very comfortable with major social media platforms as well. Apart from all these, it also offers free courses that will help you to get started with social media marketing campaigns.

Revive Old Post:

The name of the app might seem to be a little off but this is one of the best apps that you can use to mage your social media accounts. Well, the app has quite a lot of benefits such as you can set specific time periods in which you want your post to be updated. The app is freemium, but the free version has quite a lot of features as well and you can use this for social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Sked Social:

They like to boast that this is the only social media app that you will ever need and it’s quite true to a certain degree. Well, this app was mainly created for using it on Instagram. However, the interface of this is quite easy to use as well and just like the other apps you can quite easily schedule posts in an efficient way and that too in bulk.


One of the best apps that you can use for managing all your social media. Buffer has a great user interface and you can quite easily integrate all your media accounts into this app. All that you need to od download the app, create a profile and add all your social media accounts to it. After that, you can just start scheduling all the posts that you want and that would be all.

Well, these were all the social media management apps that you can get. But remember that these only a few and apart from these, there are other apps as well. Hopefully, this has been of help to you.